Title: And Then There Were None

Author: Agatha Christie

Genre: Mystery/Classics

Publishing Date: November 6, 1939

Goodreads Rating: 4.24



Originally Published as: Ten Little Niggers then Ten Little Indians



by Mia

Agatha Christie’s And Then There Were None had me doing a double take in my one-bedroom apartment to make certain no one else was in the room with me – as I was so frightened by the violent and rapid plucking off of characters. After turning the first page, I simply could not stop reading and the page flipping persisted until the novel was completed.

From the very beginning, Christie masterfully portrays the culprit as the least suspicious, but just suspecting enough to keep readers guessing. Christie was constantly strides ahead of her reader and concluded with a theatrical level summation of the novels murders in chronological order, as they actually occurred.

The reader has to pay the utmost attention to be able to solve this one without Christie’s character explanation at the conclusion. Overall, this classic is a must read and even when the reader thinks they know what is going on, there is something entirely different happening behind the scenes.


My Rating:


Happy Reading,

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