authorSM1Italic Bookmarks HeaderItalic Bookmarks.jpgIntroducing: a unique line of bookmarks which serve their most important purpose while your book is OPEN!

I cannot say enough good things about this company. First of all, for every bookmark sold a dollar is donated toward buying books for children who do not have them readily available!

These bookmarks neurologically help readers avoid distractions (see photo below).Italic Bookmarks

CLICK HERE FOR LINK1Liquor Wicks Header.pngLiquor Wicks.jpg

Made with 100% organic soy wax, these candles burn for an incredibly long time and smell amazing (not a booze-y scent like you might think). Mia gave me one for Christmas (shown in the middle picture) and I have to say, I am quite impressed. What an inventive way to recycle bottles!

I consider myself somewhat of a candle connoisseur… I almost always have a candle (or four) burning. I highly recommend this product (& they make great gifts)!

CLICK HERE FOR LINK1Page Mates Headerpage mates.jpg

I refer to these wondrous products as “book stickies”.

I have been given these as gifts, found them in novelty stores, and ordered them online; they are readily available! We use these often at BlondeVsBooks. They are helpful for writing reviews, doing homework, and marking notable quotes.

The only negative is that they lack enough ‘stickyness’ to make them reusable, but otherwise they are fantastic!1Pumpkin.pngThe superior and underrated relative to sunflower seeds, these things are delicious!!! Not only are they a nostalgic Halloween treat, they are off-the-charts nutritious. pumpkin.jpg.jpg

Go for the David’s brand if you want a salty fix, or CB’s Nuts if you are looking for a more natural taste! I started seeking them out when I discovered that I was iron-deficient.

Pumpkin seeds are high in :
& PROTEIN1blonde vs books header blue and green small4

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