A Guilty-Pleasure Mystery

book review: Then She Was Gone

Author: Lisa JewellThen She Was Gone

Genre: Mystery

Published by: Atria Books

Published on: April 17, 2018
[first published July 27, 2017]

Pages: 426 [hardcover]

*Then She Was Gone was my Book of the Month pick for April*

1Then She Was Gone Icons1*NO SPOILERS*

Laurel Mack has two children, but she used to have three. 10 years ago, Ellie, her teenage daughter disappeared. The police chalk it up to a typical teenage runaway. Ellie is/was opinionated, smart, and stunning. Now, Laurel is devastated, divorced, and has a distant relationship with her other two children.

Unanticipated, Laurel meets a charming, intellectual man. For the first time in a decade, she has butterflies and a spirited view on life. Not long after they start dating, they are sleeping at each other’s houses, introducing families, and spending holidays together.

Various unsettling coincidences involving Laurel’s new boyfriend and her missing daughter begin to emerge. She is finally happy, but daunting thoughts continue to creep into her mind. She tries to push the thoughts aside, but finding her daughter will always be her number one priority.


Early on, I had inklings of what happened to Ellie. Even so, I feverishly read the book in a single sitting to find out how, who, what, when, why. I needed to know the details. I was irked that the police did not do more; they assumed she must have run away because of the stress of imminent final exams. Quite unlikely, as Ellie was generally a happy and ambitious girl.

It is not a challenging read, I would categorize it as a guilty-pleasure mystery. Although the predictability of the story is apparent, I would certainly recommend this book.

My Rating:3

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  1. andywinder

    Guilty pleasure mysteries are always fun. Out of curiosity, have you read a lot of mysteries? I’ve been meaning to check out that genre but have no idea where to start besides, like, Sherlock Holmes. Which is maybe a bit outdated, haha.

    1. blondevsbooks

      We are HUGE fans of mysteries! Agatha Christie’s books are classics and easy to get into. If you’re looking for a more in-depth mystery to solve, I would recommend Tana French’s series, Dublin Murder Squad.

      Happy Reading!

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