Author: Liv Constantine
[pen name – see below for details]34195065

Genre: Suspense, Psychological Thriller

Published by: Harper

Published on: October 17, 2017

Pages: 390 [hardcover]LemonadePixel_Dividers-09

Bishops Harbor, Connecticut

Amber Patterson is an obsessive social climber.

Daphne Parrish is married to an extremely wealthy man.

Daphne and Amber become best friends.

Amber will do whatever it takes to steal Daphne’s husband.


The Last Mrs. Parrish is a riveting read; it captivated me from page one and I anxiously flew through the remaining three hundred and eighty-nine. It was one of those books that had me sneaking in pages whenever I had the chance and staying up late to read one more chapter.

The story is told in three parts:

Part One: Amber Patterson’s side of the story
Part Two: Daphne Parrish’s side of the story
Part Three: The Finale (combined POV)

Upon completion of Part One, I was left intrigued but also with an ominous feeling of what was to come. I was right, the story took a dark and twisted turn that had my skin crawling and body trembling. The characters I thought I knew turned into creatures, masters of manipulation. I was physically nauseous during the last two hours of reading.

“Filled with envy, deception, and power, it’s a great reading escape. And there is a thrilling twist at the end!!”
-Reese Witherspoon

The Last Mrs. Parrish evokes emotion. The characters will make you cringe and sympathize. The setting is magnificent, but the actions are abominable. The cover is beautiful and the chapters are short. Although there are aspects of predictability and unoriginality, the writing is phenomenal; it is a certified page-turner.LemonadePixel_Dividers-09


I considered four stars, but the fact that the book takes readers to New York and New England, specifically my home state of New Hampshire, made it all the more fascinating to me.LemonadePixel_Dividers-04

Who is Liv Constantine?

Liv Constantine is the pen name of sisters Lynne Constantine and Valerie Constantine. Though they have written novels separately, The Last Mrs. Parrish is their debut novel.

“Separated by three states, they spend hours plotting via FaceTime and burning up each other’s emails. They attribute their ability to concoct dark storylines to the hours they spent listening to tales handed down by their Greek grandmother.” (

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