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Books are, and always have been, my greatest possessions. Some of my fondest childhood memories involve me reading books to my stuffed animals. Fast forward 20 years and a whole lot of learning, not much has changed. You will find me searching a good spot to read while simultaneously looking out for pettable dogs.

To put it lightly, I am enamored with animals. I am a fur-mom to Daisy, a 14 year old Pomeranian, but if I had it my way I would be surrounded with dogs, chickens, lizards, you name it. I am highly appreciative of nature and all that it offers. 

In college I studied elementary education with a highlight in children’s literacy, furthering my appreciation for books even more. I believe we should constantly strive to learn more and promote that love of learning to children. As for me, I read a plethora of genres; but I am a sucker for a good mystery or historical fiction novel. 

As a 20-something New Englander, I am here to share my adventures, experiences, knowledge, and bookshelf with you.  I try to be funny sometimes, key word is try. I live in my own blonde universe; but don’t feel bad, there is plenty of wine here.

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Since I can remember, I have been a very analytical person. I have always asked questions, wondered, and cared about everything. I strive for understanding and knowledge. I believe getting out of one’s comfort zone and immersing themselves in different environments is where one can truly learn the most about themselves. I love traveling; I truly wish I had more time to see and experience the world. I feel like everyone always says “someday,” but that day should always be today. Make it happen, whatever your individual “it” may be.

I have a passion for reading which drove me to study English and History in college – a degree which I am currently pursuing at Northeastern University. The major’s are reading and writing intensive so it is a miracle when I can find time outside of assigned texts to read for fun, but I do! My favorite genre is historical fiction, my favorite time period is the Victorian Era, and I am weak for Russian History. Reading keeps me sane; it is an escape. Reading makes me feel as though I can travel to another world, just for a small amount of time. I find picking up any book can be very relaxing and even healing!

My favorite activities are horseback riding, skiing, and scuba diving. All of these activities involve being in tune with nature and experiencing and analyzing my surroundings; I love them for this. I am deeply infatuated with any activity that involves animals of any sort. I am a vegan; everyone has the choice to eat animals, but I simply choose not to. I had the most adorable pony, Samson, growing up and he was my world. I have a fourteen year old Labrador Retriever, Star, and she is my princess. I have a baby Beta fish, Dash, who is very handsome. After years of researching animal inequities and injustices, I view my horse, dog, and fish in the same way, not as pets, but as glorious creatures that I am privileged to have the chance to be in the presence of.