Amazon Bookstore?!

Today my mother, grandmother and I went shopping at the new MarketStreet Lynnfield in Massachusetts. Living in NH, good shopping is always a 45 min drive away (thank goodness for TJ Maxx!).

This shopping center was the shopping mecca  to us- it’s an “outdoor mall” equipped with Lululemon, Sephora, J.Crew, Apple, Whole Foods, the list goes on!


Everywhere was dog friendly, there was sprinklers and fields for kids to run around, and an incredible restaurant selection. The weather was beautiful so we went with SweetGreen (a salad/quinoa bowl place chipotle style). My warm portobello pesto quinoa bowl was 10/10 and I will probably drive an hour FOR THAT MEAL ALONE in the future. No exaggeration.

Okay, okay. I’ll give you the scoop on the Amazon Bookstore now.

We turned the corner and I literally couldn’t believe what I was seeing, a bookstore! An AMAZON BOOKSTORE! I basically sprinted to check it out, not a care in the world about my grandmother falling behind.

I prepared myself that this storefront might only sell Kindles, the Alexa, and coffee table style books. However, I wasn’t prepared for the awesomeness that is this store. It’s not a full blown Barnes & Noble; the selection is only new and highly rated books. Of course, they sell Amazon electronics as well, but I followed the smell of books to the left side of the store.

Each book has a review and a rating below it, unless the book is a new release.


It was at this point that an employee came over to pick my jaw off the floor and ask if I needed any help. My response: “what is this place?” He laughed and explained that Amazon Books has six locations across the country and the idea of the store is to mimic the online Amazon experience.

If you’ve ever bought anything on amazon, you have seen the “you might also like this..” feature; there is numerous floor to ceiling recommendations based on books you’ve already read. This is the greatest thing I’ve ever seen a bookstore do.


The sales person also explained to me that if you have Amazon Prime the store will match the online price of the book. Since my grandmother has Amazon Prime, our total went from $140 to $80. Thats $80 for EIGHT books, four of which were hardcover. 

Of course I’ll still support the local book stores, but I will, without a doubt, be making trips to Lynnfield, MA just to go to AmazonBooks and eat a great salad.


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  1. Lolsy's Library

    This was really great to read/hear! It was definitely nice to see a positive review on the store, and I really enjoyed learning things like “the most looked up words on Kindle” =D

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