An Enchanting Magical Realism Adventure


The Six Gifts Part I: Secrets


by Christie K. Kelly
Release Date: April 11, 2019
Publisher: Bruce Farr Creative Publishing

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Nearly killed by poisonous gases in their own home, Olivia Alfieri and her husband, Marco, survive their ordeal by fleeing to the Mountains of Vermont. But a new, secluded life isn’t enough for Olivia, who knows in her heart that it isn’t where she’ll find the answer to a question that’s been burning  inside her since she was a toddler, when she nearly drowned TWICE. As she coined it, she’s been searching for “THE WHY” — when she was saved then, and now, remarkably, once again.

Stirred into action by a long lost friend, she embarks on a solo adventure to Colorado, where, by apparent fate, a wizened old woman takes Olivia into her safekeeping, leaving her with a gift that will change her life forever.



Secrets, the first book in The Six Gifts series is magical. It is atmospheric, thought-provoking, and simply unique. It is evident that Christie did a significant amount of research to put the book together and passion shines through her writing. The dream analysis, herbal medicine, and historical aspects are downright fascinating. The characters are endearing; you will close the book feeling like you know them personally. Luckily, there are more books coming in the series to quench the longing to get to know the characters even more.

As for the negatives, and there are only a couple, there are several contemporary issues throughout the story. All being quite sensitive topics, it is arguable that some matters are brushed over and not rectified. Lastly, the final pages seem to drag on unnecessarily; but ultimately, you will close the book wildly anticipating what comes next. The Six Gifts Part II: Berries will be released in October 2019 so do not put this one off!

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