An Unwanted Guest

An Unwanted Guest


by Shari Lapena
August 7, 2018
Pamela Dorman Books

“The road curves and twists unexpectedly as it leads higher and deeper into the Catskill Mountains, as if the farther you get from civilization, the more uncertain the path. The shadows are deepening, the weather worsening.”


There are ten guests staying at Mitchell’s Inn, a remote and charming lodge in the Catskill Mountains. There is no cell service, no internet access – just the hotel and the great outdoors.

A blizzard hits, which turns into an ice storm. So much for experiencing the great outdoors. The ground is a sheet of ice and the power lines are down; everything is a blur of white. Early Saturday morning, a terrible shrill vibrates through the hallways: one of the guests has been found dead. It looks like it could have been an accident but then a second guest dies, clearly murdered. No one has arrived or left since the storm, so who could the murderer be? Surely not one of the guests…

Who do you think you are?  Hercule Poirot?” (187)

After reading Lapena’s A Stranger in the House and The Couple Next Door, it is a wonder that I even decided to read her newest novel. They are predictable, unoriginal, and seem to follow a template… in my brutally honest opinion. But not too fast, An Unwanted Guest is haunting in a guilty-pleasure sort of way and nostalgically had me wanting to play CLUE again! The chapters are short, the reading is simple, and it is a perfect whodunit to curl up in front of a fire with. I would not call it original – it is today’s version of Agatha Christie’s And Then There Were None. Still, an addictive mystery that will keep you guessing until the end!



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