Book Review: A Knight of the Seven Kingdoms


Author: George R. R. Martin
GOT editGenre: Fantasy
Format: Hardcover
Pages: 355
Rating: 4/5


A Knight of the Seven Kingdoms is a three-part Game of Thrones PREQUEL. The series is called The Tales of Dunk and Egg and takes readers to Westeros over a century before when the A Song of Ice and Fire series takes place, a time when the Targaryens still ruled the seven kingdoms.

Dunk, or Ser Duncan the Tall, is a seven foot brave knight who has risen from the poverty of flea bottom. Egg is his squire. Although Egg is very young and oddly bald, he is determined to travel with Dunk to tournaments, castles and The Wall.

Shortly after allowing Egg to travel with him, Dunk understands that Egg is the youngest Targaryen prince. He is bald because he shaves his head to hide his white hair, a Targaryen hereditary trait. After much contemplation, Egg continues to adventure with Dunk to see the seven kingdoms and serve as his squire.

A Knight of the Seven Kingdoms is a compilation of three short stories:

  • The Hedge Knight
  • The Sworn Sword
  • The Mystery Knight

The three stories were published separately from 1988-2010 but the compilation was published in 2015. A Knight of the Seven Kingdoms includes over 160 illustrations by Gary Gianni.

illustrations GOT

George R. R. Martin plans to release more adventures of Dunk and Egg. He has revealed working titles for the stories: The Sellsword, The Champion, The Kingsguard, and The Lord Commander.



What I Liked:

Dunk and Egg make quite the dynamic duo.

Dunk is brave, loyal and proud.

Egg is smart, hardworking and a bit too mouthy for his own good. He often gives his childish opinion on things and Dunk almost always responds with a variation of “Maybe it’s time I gave you a good clout in the ear“. Dunk never actually strikes Egg and the idle threats become humorous throughout the stories.

They are likable because they are good, humble people. They don’t use Egg’s royalty to get them ahead, they actually keep it a secret, and often have to sleep on the ground with only stale salt beef for supper. Dunk insists on riding Thunder, his old war horse, to and fro the seven kingdoms even though he was offered a more fit horse for his travels. They rarely get warm meals and stay out of other people’s business. They are simply two people, a man and a boy, who want to see what the world has to offer them.

If you like Game of Thrones, you will love these short stories. They are filled with enough adventure and war to fill your Game of Thrones void.


What I Didn’t Like:

The one thing that I felt was missing from this story was a variety of characters. I understand, these short stories are SPECIFICALLY about Dunk and Egg. However, going from Game of Thrones to A Knight in the Seven Kingdoms leaves you wanting more character’s POVs. I wanted to learn more about the Targaryen empire and the Starks and all of the other families scattered around the royal kingdom.



this did not deter me from absolutely adoring the stories. I can’t wait to see what else Martin publishes about the unlikely duo.


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Happy Reading!

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