Final Girls: Coming to Theaters Near You

authorSMdivider 1AUTHOR: Riley Sagerfinal

GENRE: Thriller/Mystery


PUBLISHING DATE: July 11, 2017

PAGES: 342 [hardcover]

**as always, no spoilers**

divider 1SYNOPSIS

Ten years ago, Quincy Carpenter and a group of friends were attacked during a weekend getaway in a remote cabin. The attacker went on a knife-wielding rampage killing everyone, but Quincy got away. She ran through the woods, being chased by the attacker, until she found herself in the arms of a police office who shot the psycho killer down.

In the aftermath of the event, every journalist and news station across the country wanted a piece of Quincy’s story. Quincy’s memory of the attack vanished, but that didn’t stop the media from labeling her as a Final Girl: the last girl standing at the end of a massacre.

The media has now dubbed three victims as Final Girls: there’s Quincy, as well as two others named Samantha and Lisa. Lisa and Quincy correspond through letters, helping one another through their coping process. Samantha, however, has gone ‘off the grid’.

With help from Lisa and Coop (the police officer who found her in the woods that dreadful night), Quincy tries to pull herself back together. She has a swanky Manhattan apartment, a successful baking blog and a successful, doting boyfriend. However, Quincy is still haunted by what happened and heavily relies on Xanax and wine to get through the day.

When Samantha Boyd (the Final Girl who vanished) shows up on Quincy’s doorstep, everything is about the change. Quincy is grateful for the opportunity to socialize, especially with someone who understands, but Sam pushes Quincy way out of her comfort zone. Will Quincy finally remember exactly what happened to her friends on that dreadful night? More importantly, does she even want to remember? 

divider 1REVIEW


I devoured this book. It has all of the necessary thrilling components, and a few added bonuses: a blank memory, murder sprees, a mysterious daisy book snow.pngand questionable character (or two), denial, doubt, revisiting the past, a suspect insane asylum runaway, goosebump worthy plot twists, and a protagonist who’s in her own way.

The author takes readers to Quincy and Sam’s past, flipping between past and present throughout the story. Details of the horrific, forgotten weekend getaway start to unravel, along with Quincy’s memory. We start to understand who exactly Samantha Boyd is and why she’s here, staying at Quincy’s apartment. To be honest, the book reads a bit slow; but I didn’t mind whatsoever. I enjoyed taking my time with Quincy.

The story really revved up toward the end, leaving my jaw on the floor in utter shock. I did NOT see that one coming! This book is worth reading based on the unforeseeable ending alone


Universal Pictures bought the movie rights to Final Girls in November 2017- so make sure you knock this one off of your TBR list before the movie adaptation hits the cinemas!

Lastly, one big question… who is the true author writing under the pen name Riley Sager?


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