Book Review: My Sister’s Grave

Author: Robert Dugoni

Pages: 416

Rating: 8.8/10
Trace Crosswhite, a Seattle detective, has been trying to solve the murder of her sister for twenty years. Edmund house, a convicted rapist who was living in their town, was found guilty for the murder and has been serving time for it since. However, Tracy has always had strong doubts about the evidence. Now that the body has finally been found, Tracy goes back to the small Washington town that she grew up in to solve the mystery for good.

This book was highly unpredictable and read like a longer, better version of Law & Order: SVU. This is book #1 of the Tracy Crosswhite series and I cannot wait to read the rest. I rated this book a 8.8/10 because it was an absolute page turner!

SPOILER ALERT: The only reason why I deducted points is because a dog gets injured in the story. I literally had to put the book down and go for a walk after reading this part. Yes-it evoked a lot of emotion which is a vital aspect of a good read, but I have a VERY hard time reading about innocent animal sufferings. I can’t help it! I would still recommend this book to anyone who loves a good crime novel.


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