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“Moriarty is back with another page-turner.” –TIME

“Liane moriarty is a master of sustained tension.” –Washington Post

“Each reveal is a delicious surprise… Nine Perfect Strangers is so well written and slyly constructed that it won’t feel like enough.” –Booklist


Nine Perfect Strangers


by Liane Moriarty
Published on: November 6, 2018

Published by: Flatiron Books
464 pages



Nine guests have arrived at a (very expensive) wellness retreat in rural Australia. Everyone turns in their bad habits at the door. As the website guarantees: follow the rules, and ten days at Tranquillum House will fix everything. 

The requirements are as follows:

relinquish all electronic devices;
attend treatments and meditation sessions;
undergo daily blood tests;

consume six special smoothies each day;
eat all meals in the dining room as a group;
walk mindfully, from heal to toe; &
for the first five days – no eye contact, touching, reading, or speaking.

Each guest signed up for the retreat because of their own motives. Whether their goal is to lose weight, fix a marriage, or get through a mid-life crisis, Moriarty captures the characters in a way that makes you root for them all throughout their ten day journey of enlightenment. No one imagined that the overzealous director of the retreat would have motives of her own.

“She looked at her nine guests, all of whom had their eyes obediently closed as they waited her instructions. Their destinies were in her hands. She was going to change them not just temporarily, but forever” (122).

Nine Perfect Strangers is cringe-worthy but oh so addicting. Covering all of the guests, two employees, and the director, the point-of-view changes with the chapters. The plot progressively quickens pace and the chapters grow shorter as the characters cope with denial, hunger, and dissociation from the outside world. You will become invested in their lives, charmed by the employees, and fervently flipping through pages to find out what happens next. 

BvB Rating:4




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