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Sweet Little Lies _ BLONDEvsBOOKS

Author: Caz Frear

Published on: August 14, 2018

Published by: Harper Books

Pages: 352 [hardcover]

Goodreads Rating: 3.95

*Sweet Little Lies was my Book of the Month pick for August 2018*use


Cat Kinsella is a detective based in London, England.

As a child, she worshipped her father. That is, until seventeen-year-old Maryanne Doyle disappears and he denies ever knowing her. Cat knows that her father knew Maryanne Doyle, and may even have had a fling with her.

Now, she is investigating the murder of Alice Lapaine. Not only does evidence link the murder of Alice Lapaine to the disappearance of Maryanne Doyle, but the body was found a mere five minute walk from her father’s pub.

“Life as I know it, obliterated” (67).

Could Cat’s father be a killer?
What really happened to Maryanne Doyle in 1998?
What are the consequences of confronting the past?
Will Cat risk her job to protect her father?
Or will she turn him in?



The Good:

  • SLLinsta_BLondeVsBOoksGORGEOUS COVER: Definitely picked this book with Instagram photos in mind and I have no problem admitting that.
  • Chapter Length: Not too long, not too short.
  • Family Drama: Cat’s father has a shady past and has always worked at some sort money laundering front. Frear, the author, does not reveal many details about his life until close to the end, which definitely kept me intrigued.
  • Unexpected Twist: Until about 80% of the way through this book, I was convinced I had solved the investigation. I was actually annoyed that the book was so predictable. BUT THEN – Holy Toledo the investigation took a turn that I was not expecting. If you are reading this book and are having doubts, push through. Trust me. It gets very, very interesting. You would think that I should have saw this coming with all of the positive reviews.

The Bad:

  • Slow Start: Did not capture my attention right away.
  • Unlikable Protagonist: I cannot stand when characters interfere with investigations for personal reasons… drives me CRAZY when I am reading! I want to insert myself into the story line and shake the character. While Cat grew on me towards the end, her inability to deal with her family baggage drove me absolutely bonkers.
  • Too Many Characters: Frear definitely knows how to write about people. However, I could have done without the cumbersome details about the detectives. Although character development was strong, there were just too many of them and it clouded the story.
  • Not Enough Action: I mean… it is crime fiction after all.
  • Too Much Procedure: Not enough suspense.

BvB Rating:3


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      There is a lot of mixed reviews so I hope you enjoy it more than I did! Hard to review without giving away the juicy details.

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