Three Ways to Disappear


Book Review:
Three Ways to Disappear


Author: Katy Yocom
Release Date: July 16, 2019
Published by: Ashland Creek Press

Winner of the Siskiyou Prize for New Environmental Literature




An absorbing family drama with environmental roots, Three Ways to Disappear is a beautifully written story about finding ones purpose, culture, and, the most heartrending to me, saving animals.

The story switches viewpoints between sisters Sarah and Quinn DeVaughan. Sarah is an adrenaline-seeking journalist, always living on the edge facing dangerous assignments. Quinn is a careful and protective mother of two who rarely strays from her home in Louisville, Kentucky.

Sarah’s latest job lands her indefinitely in India, where the DeVaughan sisters spent their childhood. Amidst her pursuit to save the increasingly endangered Bengal tiger and suppress poachers, her efforts are muddled as she attempts to harmonize the community’s political conflict, balance a risky love affair, and confront a family tragedy from the past.

With passion, she strives to preserve Ranthambore National Park and the tigers within. But she needs to reconnect with India, so she calls for Quinn to help her empower the women in the community and relinquish conflict. But India is the one place Quinn swore she would never return.

With perseverance, the DeVaughan sisters fuse their individualities to combat not only their own trauma, but also the animosity within the village. Three Ways to Disappear is brilliant, atmospheric, and memorable.

“The future of the tiger belongs to you” (74).

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