Day in the Life: August 21, 2017

I’ve been nannying for three kids a few days a week but this morning the mom texted me saying that the dad wanted to stay home with the kids today since it’s their LAST WEEK OF SUMMER VACATION. Is it already almost over?! Man that flew by.

So here I am with the morning off, and what do I do but go ahead and waste half of it by sleeping in. Damn it. At least I feel refreshed AF.

10:30 am

Groggily making myself a yogurt parfait….

PSA to fur-parents: Did you know that dogs can eat blueberries? I got a gigantic package of blueberries at Trader Joes yesterday which prompted me to Google if dogs could eat them. Turns out they’re a perfect, healthy snack for dogs! After giving Daisy a blueberry, which she’s never been offered before, she literally freaked out and spun in 100 circles begging for more.

11:00 am

I suppose I should drag myself to the gym. When I’m not working so often I work out frequently but I have been SERIOUSLY slacking this summer. People at my summer job have literally commented, “remember last year when you were strong?” Ugh.

After a full body work out I was feeling strong and proud. Thinking I should be about finished, I looked up at the clock and realized I had been there for fifteen minutes…. FIFTEEN MINUTES! I forced myself to do a little more and left ten minutes later.  I’m pathetic, but whatever I’ll probably still be sore anyway.

12:00 pm

Even though I LOADED my fridge up yesterday and had plenty of lunch choices at home, I had a strong hankering for a lobster roll. Being from New England, they are a nostalgic summer treat and I gave into the craving.

lob roll edit

It was freaking delicious.

1:00 pm

Time to shower, walk my dog and then a little reading sesh with my current read: Fates and Furies by Lauren Groff.

Daisy LOVES to go for walks (duh, she’s a dog). But what’s funny is she always darts right to this little path behind the house where wood is stacked. No one really uses the path, it’s just for looks but Daisy thinks it’s her personal little walkway. She prances across the slate tiles, smells the flowers and ALWAYS tries to drink water out of the little shell decoration whether there is rain water collected in it or not.
No one ever said she was the smartest, but she sure is the cutest.

2:45 pm

THE SOLAR ECLIPSE! I was late to the game on the whole eye-safety thing. I didn’t buy any of the ‘eclipse glasses’, therefore had to Google how I could safety watch the event.

So I made one of those cereal box projectors. It was extremely easy to make and worked great!


Based on where I live, I wasn’t able to experience totality darkness, but I still saw about 60% of the moon covering the sun. Pretty fricken cool. It was eerily dark, almost like a big rain storm was coming but there were hardly any clouds in the sky.

Here’s what it looked like inside of the box (we poked two holes in the tinfoil to make sure it worked, lol).

solar eclipse box

3:15 pm

Welp. So much for a productive morning off… I have to head into work now.

Did you all watch the solar eclipse? What did you think?


Happy Monday!
Samantha @ BlondeVsBooks


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