Day in the Life: July 28th, 2017

I have always worked extra in the summer months… I usually pick up a part-time nannying gig and work at the same seasonal waitressing job that I can’t seem to give up (the money is too good! thank you tourists!) I’ve been a little ball of energy pulling 80 hours work weeks and still making time to read and publish book reviews.

Consequently, I haven’t had a whole lot of R&R. So, I decided to give myself the day off. I started the day off by SLEEPING IN – HALLELUJAH! I always make sleep a priority but it was nice to not wake up to the sound of the alarm for a change.

I opened my book and simultaneously my little 14 year old Pomeranian started pawing at my face, telling me she wanted to go for a walk. So that we did.

8:05 am

Up and at ’em! I take her to a certain beach were dogs are allowed to run free, but usually the mix of dogs there are labs, sheppards or other giant breeds. I usually keep her with me in a secluded section- not because she’s not friendly with other dogs, but because they could easily mistake her for a squirrel. If you are wondering, and I know you are, she weighs five pounds. 

But on THIS particular glorious morning, the beach was empty!! She kicked up the seaweed, made some snail friends and ran around like the happiest dog in the world. She was very grateful I packed water because she was adorably alarmed when she tried to drink the ocean water.

9:15 am

We returned home from our walk she was TUCKERED OUT! She layed down for a morning nap and I headed out to do a few errands. I went to Target to buy toilet paper, paper towels, a bottle of wine for tonight and maybe a book. Needless to say, Target’s unexplainable magic did its work and I ended up with an ottoman, snacks, candles and other shit I didn’t need $226 dollars later. Damn it.

BONUS: I did find this Game of Thrones prequel, A Knight of the Seven Kingdoms, that is loaded with illustrations. If you’ve read it, what did you think?

10:30 am

Much needed car wash! Vacuum and thorough wipe down as well… nannying takes a toll on your vehicle. As much as I’d like to put my feet up with my book for the day, days off are rare for me and I have gotta get some chores done.

11:15 am

Home and unpacking all of this shit I bought and moving onto more chores…. laundry, dishes, ironing, etc. I tried to get all of the mundane tasks out of the way so I could read for the majority of the afternoon.

1:00 pm

Car is clean, house is clean, shopping is done… time for LUNCH! Errands and chores can really make you work up a sweat (it doesn’t help that it’s 85 degrees out) so I was not in the mood to cook anything extravagant. Hello, Amy’s burritos!

1:40 pm

DAMN IT! Just as I was about to sit on the deck, soak up a little sun and read, I remembered that I was supposed to buy a new pair of pants while I was out. N and I have a work event to go to tomorrow night and I literally couldn’t find anything to wear (typical, I know). I would wear one of the many summer dresses that I own but it’s supposed to be chilly tomorrow night. I recently donated a gigantic portion of my closet and haven’t replaced some of the staple items.

2:30 pm

Thank goodness for Marshall’s! I found pink, tight-fitting, ankle length Calvin Klein slacks, as my grandmother would call them, and called it a day. I can find a white top and wedges somewhere in my closet.

On another note, look at this sports bra I found! I will use any excuse I can possibly think of not to wear a real bra; having a large selection of bandeaus/sports bras helps with this aversion. So cute!


4:15 pm

Can you believe it? It’s wine o’clock and I’m going to enjoy this beautiful July evening, read my book and not even glance at the clock. My elderly Pomeranian is STILL exhausted from our morning escapade, my book is just starting to get interesting and I have a chilled bottle of rosé calling my name. TGIF


8:30 pmimg_2659

We will cap the night off with some boxed mac n cheese and a beautiful sunset (& more wine, of course), because we are classy like that and who wants to cook on their day off?


Comment and let me know how you spent this glorious Friday! Any fun plans for the weekend? Or just let me know what you’re currently reading- I’m always looking for books to add to my never-ending TBR pile.





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