Day in the Life: June 11, 2017

Today I woke up to the first heat wave of the season.Β The high of the day was 95 degrees, and will be for the next two days. By 11:00 am cars were lined up on the beach streets. The sounds of motorcycles and lawn mowers came through my open windows with the breeze. It was finally time to install the AC unit for the summer.

After watching my boyfriend install the unit (I wasn’t much help), I ventured to a rocky, less crowded beach and spent the rest of the morning reading and looking for sea glass. I accumulated a good lot, if I do say so myself:

I picked up a chilled bottle of sauvignon blanc, some fruit and a box of cookies at the grocery store then decided that I deserved to sit on the porch and be sedentary for the rest of the lazy, hot Sunday.

I started reading The Identicals by Elin Hilderbrand; I highly anticipate her bi-annual novels. The Identicals doesn’t come out until June 13th, but as I mentioned in the Book Haul: Summer Reads blog, I got my hands on it early. So far, I’m not at all disappointed, it’s as addicting as all her other novels. A review will most likely be up by the end of the week!

Near the ocean, the heat was bearable today, the breeze eased the pounding of the sweltering sun. Summertime thoughts crept into my mind all day: potato salad and lemonade, sandy toes and sunburns, fried seafood and rum punch, freckled noses and children’s laughter, bike rides and baseball games, fireworks and sunsets. Summer 2017, you have arrived.

Happy Reading,


P.S. I only started appreciating these post-childhood. They are processed, sugary discs of happiness.Β 


  1. thewanderwoman

    This sounds to me like THE most perfect peaceful day. I would love to experience it just once. It was hot here too on that day (and today for that matter lmao) and I could have really used a nice walk on the beach or yknow reading next to it.

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