Father’s Day Gift Ideas

PSA: Father’s Day is Sunday, only five days away! If you are anything like me, you have procrastinated even thinking about what to get Dad this year until now. Yes, you could always run to target and get him something from the “For Dad!” gift section, but that stuff is usually so impersonal. Anyhow, I did a little research to help find a gift that will make Father’s Day special this year. Keep reading for gift ideas and where to get them!

For the Tech-Guy:

The Amazon ECHO is on SALE! Usually selling for $179.99, the ECHO is going for $139.99 on amazon.com right now. I’m sure you’ve seen the commercials, “Alexa, where’s my phone?” and Alexa pings the phone only to find it’s inside of the dog. LOL!

photo credit: amazon.com

My parents got the ECHO for Christmas and I’ve had a chance to play around with it quite a bit, I thought it was just as cool as the commercials described! You can tell Alexa to play a certain song, or music genre from across the room. You can dim the lights while laying on the couch! There is a bit of a set-up process, but if your dad is a tech-guy, it shouldn’t be a challenge. Also, the ECHO Dot is on sale for $39.99 (usually $49.99) if your budget is tight!

For the Griller:

My step-dad LOVES to grill! He got the infamous Green Egg last year and uses it almost every weekend in the summer. For a guy like him, I thought a monthly meat club would be a great gift. There are quite a few options for these clubs, but typically the deal is each month you receive a package filled with a variety of meats, seasonings, and depending on the club, other fun things like cookbooks. These clubs can get pricey, so instead of receiving a box each month, there’s usually a 1-month gift option. For some, you might have to CANCEL your membership after the first month if you don’t want to receive the boxes regularly, but in my experience, cancelling memberships has become much easier than it used to be!

  • Butcher Box: I like this one! The website is clean and user friendly with quick, free shipping. The meats are organic, grass-fed, and/or antibiotic free! As a plus, they also use eco-friendly packaging.

    The Grill Box from Butcher Box! Photo credit: butcherbox.com
  • Kansas City Steaks: The classic meat of the month service. They have father’s day packages (guaranteed shipping by Sunday!), reasonable prices, and high-quality meat.
  • Carnivore Club: the box for cured meats
  • Pig of the Month: This option is cheaper than the others! For Father’s Day gift packages they have:
    • A Tasting of Pulled Meats ($42.95)
    • Baby Back Ribs & Brisket ($85.00)
    • Bacon Lover’s Feast ($37.95)
    • Bacon of the Month Club: 3-12 Months ($119.00+)
    • BBQ Greatest Hits ($84.95)
    • Best of Bacon and Sausage Sampling ($67.00)
    • Best of Brisket Sampler Pack ($34.95)
    • Hungry Man Meats Pack ($69.00)
    • & MORE!

For the Golfer:

Go into his golf bag and see what kind of golf ball he uses. This is a gift that you can GUARANTEE will be put to good use and Dad will be happy that he doesn’t have to pretend he will use the gift. This has been a go-to gift for my dad for years.

For the Wino:

Some obvious gifts are:

  • a red wine decanter
  • one of his favorite bottles
  • unique wine glasses/bottle stoppers

But once again, I think that a “monthly club” would be a great choice! Just like the monthly meat clubs, there’s a wide variety of websites that will deliver a fun wine package to your doorstep. This gift option is ideal for people who are too busy to spend time shopping. I did the research for you and here are some of the top monthly wine club memberships that I found:

  • Winc: this club has a hipster vibe to it. The labels are modern and the website is very clean.
  • Wine of the Month Club: in a word: classic. They offer different kinds of packages depending on your preference: vintage, limited, California, and the classic.
  • California Wine Club: This club highlights small, family owned wineries in California. They have several different tiers of monthly packages, and I thought some were quite reasonably priced!
  • Gold Medal Wine Club: This company offers six different memberships ranging from $39-$179; some packages ship monthly, while others ship every couple of months. They were featured in Forbes and call themselves “The Best Wine Club on the Planet”.

For the Fit Dad:

Does your dad love to workout? If he does, then he needs a pair of wireless headphones. For years, I told myself ‘I don’t need expensive headphones, the ones that came with my iPhone are fine!’ Boy, was I wrong. My boyfriend got me the Bose SoundSport headphones for Christmas this year and they are an absolute GAME CHANGER! Hello, bluetooth! The sound quality is infinitely better, I don’t have to figure out where to put my phone, and there’s never wires getting tangled, they are great!

photo credit: BOSE https://www.bose.com/en_us/products/headphones/earphones/soundsport-wireless-pulse.html?mc=25_PS_SH_BO_00_GO_&gclid=CJyN9efEu9QCFQ5YDQodjcgAGQ&gclsrc=aw.ds

For the Sports Enthusiast:

I know what you’re thinking, “I could just run to the sporting goods store and get him a jersey or something,” but, if you do that every year, try to put some more thought into your gift! Check out uncommongoods.com … They have some unique stuff. I found wallets made out of MLB game used uniforms!


For some quality time, surprise Dad with tickets to a game! Baseball season is among us and, especially in the beginning of the season, tickets can be pretty inexpensive.

For the Reader:

Does he wear glasses? Perhaps a personalized eyeglass case.

Does he have a home library? Maybe some unique books ends to spice up the bookshelf!

Does he read in bed? One could always use extra reading lights!

If he’s a simple, easy to please guy, just go ahead and get him a gift card to his favorite bookstore!

For the Outdoorsy Guy:

Go to yeti.com … If you can’t find anything on that website for Dad, then I don’t know what to tell you! Their products are high quality and timeless.

If your dad loves the outdoors, he would probably love to go on an adventure with you. Spend some time researching cool outings in your area. Perhaps white-water rafting, hiking, an amusement park, national parks, or renting four-wheelers. Dad would love the quality time and experience!

For the Car Enthusiast:


My step-dad is a boat enthusiast so my mom got him an exact miniature replica of his boat and I know he will LOVE it, the details are incredible. A model of Dad’s favorite car would be a great idea!

Collectable Dicast Model Cars offers a wide range of makes and models, and in different sizes too!

I know this idea might sound lame, but guys love this stuff.

For Any Dad

How about a corn-hole set?! Everyone enjoys a game of corn-hole in the backyard with a cold beer.

Is your budget tight? How about a framed photo of the family?

Does he work a desk job? There are endless desk ornaments out there. Also, you could find a rock, paint it or write on it with a sharpie and VOILA you have a paper weight or door stop. 

Also, Shutterfly offers great gifts that you can personalize with your own photos- their ‘rush’ shipping is affordable and reliable! My mom rushed a huge photo album three days before Christmas last year and it came in a DAY.

Don’t waste anymore time! Father’s Day is around the corner; I hope these ideas were useful to you. Comment and tell me what you are doing for your dad this Father’s Day. 


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    I’ve never seen a better list of gifts than this. Not necessarily for father’s day but for Christmas as well, my older brother would surely like the meat and wine monthly club

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