June 4th, 2017: You only turn 14 once!

I just want to announce that today, June 4th, 2017, is my dogs 14th birthday! I have had Daisy since I was in 3rd grade. I had a chihuahua, Belle, who passed away in September and the two sisters were best friends. Daisy misses her sister very much but is still a happy, spunky Pomeranian.

I had to work this morning but my boyfriend, Noel, took her on an adventure to run around in a field and sniff the roses. After work, we took her out to dinner for some fried scallops (which she loved) and now she’s pooped!

We are about to crawl into bed for the evening but I wanted to bless you with some adorable pictures from the last year.

UPDATE: She finished my salmon burger for dessert

Happy Sunday!



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  1. abbeycoseattle

    Aw, little sweetie! <3 I have a pom Piper who is ten. She has lost two of her bottom teeth, and I expect if she makes it to 14 she will be down a few more and have the notorious tongue out look just like Daisy. Piper is white so she doesn't show her age as much in her fur, so people think she is a puppy but I think her eyes are starting to show it. I have heard that Poms live quite long!

    1. blondevsbooks

      Piper is adorable!! And yes… Daisy only has three teeth left and her tongue and ALWAYS out 😋 we have to put Vaseline on it so it doesn’t get chapped. Daisy is spunky and spry as ever so I imagine she still has a couple more years in her, fingers crossed! She can still run faster than me in a wide open field!

      1. abbeycoseattle

        Oh funny I would never even think about a tongue getting chapped! When I picked Piper up from the breeder there was a pom there 17 years old! They seem to have lots of spunk in them 🙂

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