Vegas is a weird and crazy place. I can’t say that it would be my first place to pick for a vacation, but my brother graduated from college and my parents decided to take us for a celebratory trip… how could I say no?

I had to get the full experience: clubs, restaurants, shows, pools, cocktails, and, of course, gambling. When we first arrived, I was smacked with INSANELY warm weather. Vegas is HOT… like 104 degrees every day hot. I can get pretty cranky in hot weather, but we were in a damn desert and humidity is nonexistent so it wasn’t too bad. Also, everywhere is air conditioned.

I knew that Vegas is famous for being opulent with tons of bright lights and stimulating noises, but I was still blown away as we walked into the lobby of Caesar’s Palace. Giant fountains, endless rows of slot machines, cocktail waitresses wearing close to nothing, people smoking indoors and drinking on the streets… I just wanted to change into my swimsuit and get to the pool.

After getting lost about 14 times, we made it to the pool.

Laying by the pool at Caesar’s Palace

We all dipped into the refreshing water, had a few cocktails, then decided it was time to check out the gambling scene. I’ve never gambled nor have I had an interest for it, but this place knows how to draw you in. I sat at a poker machine and put in $100. The noises and lights on the machine are designed to make you stay there for as long as possible; not to mention the stream of cocktail waitresses offering me FREE ALCOHOL… they have this place down to a science. After about two hours of conservative gambling, I had spent $30 and received four free margaritas. This place is pretty cool.

Family & food at Mesa


We all went to MESA, Bobby Flay’s restaurant and had a ridiculously amazing meal. I was feeling the booze and excited to be here. We played blackjack, poker, slots, and the free drinks kept coming. At this point is when I pulled out my cellphone to check the time… 2:30 in the morning (5:30 am New Hampshire time). HOW ON EARTH DID THAT HAPPEN. There is endless stimulation and I swear they pump oxygen into the casinos so that you don’t feel fatigue. I was fricken confused and went to bed.

The next morning we explored some other hotels and each one was grander than the next. Each hotel is equipped with casinos, malls, and endless amazing restaurants. After walking about 15,000 steps in a matter of a few hours, I was blown away by the amount of high end stores in every one of the hotels. I decided to do a little research…

Here is the number of some of the stores (on one fricken street)

  • Louis Vuitton: 6
  • Dior: 4
  • Cartier: 4
  • Tiffany & Co: 4

Are you kidding me?! This place knows how to get you to spend money.

We went back to the pool for the day and got some much needed rest. For dinner, we went to Giada’s restaurant. Giada’s was the absolute highlight of my trip (click for a review). Afterwards, we went back to the hotel to do a little more gambling and exploring. My brothers went to Omnia nightclub, but I was WIPED OUT and decided to go to bed instead.

The next day, more of the same. Pool, drinks, gambling. For our last night, we went to Criss Angel’s show at The Luxor Hotel. We all talked about this show for hours, that guy is a freak. We were exhausted and went to bed to catch our early flight. Vegas is like no other place in the world and everyone needs to experience it at least once. Where else can you be in Cartier with celebrities, play flip cup in Margaritaville, get free booze, and win money all in one place?

Brahma Shrine
My parents
Brothers playing flip cup
My boyfriend Noel, me, and my brother Nick
My mom & I 🙂

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