Little Hands Help!

1Book Review:
Little Hands Help!


Author: Mike and Mackenzie Morrison
Illustrator: Nina Summer
Publisher: Small Voice Says Press
Release Date: September 1, 2019


Little Hands Help! is a not only an adorable picture book – it is a teaching tool. There a plenty of books that showcase lessons such as sharing, becoming a big brother/sister, potty training, etc. This book is unique because parents can learn from it as well. LittleHandsHelp2_BVBIn the midst of the chaos of everyday life, the go-go-go, we often forget to take a step back and utilize every moment as a teaching tool for ourselves and our children.

Yes, you want your children to pick up their toys and clean their rooms, but you also want them to learn how to be contributing, valued citizens. We emphasize the importance of helping others, yet somehow forget to accept help too.

Something I have never shared on here before, I sit on the board of a non-profit called Soul Models, whose mission is solely based on the empowerment and guidance of middle-school age girls as they “gain valuable life skills in the areas of creative expression, leadership development, stress-reduction techniques, and an ethic of service“. Though Little Hands Help! is not directed toward the same age demographic, my passion for working with children spans all age groups. Adding an elementary education background, this book is right up my alley.

Highly recommend and would make a great gift for the holidays (click here to buy on amazon).

A message to all the big people who influence our little ones:

“Little Hands Help is the second book in our Small Voice series. It is intended for our little ones as they enter their pre-school and kindergarten years and continue into their early grade years. We soon learn that our young children want to intimate what we are doing. Initially they just want  to be more included in family life but soon that feeling of truly helping creates a new motivation. It can be as simple as letting them wash the carrots at the sink. But when those carrots show up at the dinner table, a powerful sense of accomplishment ensues.

Over time, these little investments in our kids add up. Even the littlest ones can pitch in – deepening the family bond. But beware, sometimes our time-deficient lives can get in the way of letting our children participate alongside us. Here’s the deal. Whether a child learns to be helpful as they grow older is mostly influenced by early family life. In other words, when helpfulness is valued and learned at an early age, it becomes part of the child’s self-image (I am a helper, I can do this).

Of all the gifts we bestow on our kids, few would compare to cultivating a natural tendency for helping others!” — Mike & Mackenzie Morrison

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