The Reluctant Healer


The Reluctant Healer Header bvb The Reluctant Healer

by Andrew Himmel
Release Date: October 8, 2018
Greenleaf Book Group Press

What happens when a conventional attorney confronts mounting evidence that he has the spiritual ability to heal others?


Will Alexander is a young attorney living in New York City. His beliefs are based off science, reason, and evidence. Then he meets Erica, a beautiful and intense energy healer who he is inexplicably drawn to. Will is introduced to the metaphysical world and, although enraptured by Erica, is troubled by her unconventional doctrine. Amidst falling in love, he encounters the idea that he may possess spiritual abilities.

You see, everything has energy. Every physical thing. Not just humans, but objects. Rocks. Soil. And this energy can be channeled, directed” (24).

Himmel takes readers on a thought-provoking and humorous adventure with themes of self-discovery, Eastern vs. Western medicine, embracing differences, and a hint of romance. The contrasting philosophies will encourage readers to expand their own perspective and the analysis of the placebo effect is downright fascinating.

The Reluctant Healer is so unlike any of the mainstream fiction that you will find hitting the shelves today. Will’s journey, speculating his belief and toward the supernatural, leads him to discover the inner most desperation and hope that lies within the human spirit. Though fiction, there is truth and lessons to be learned in Himmel’s words. People will do anything to find peace and happiness in their own life, even if that means trying unconventional methods to achieve it.


Thank you Smith Publicity for sending me an advanced copy in exchange for an an honest review!

12Fun Fact: The author, Andrew Himmel, is a civil litigator and has practiced law for over 30 years. He is a partner at Himmel & Bernstein, LLP based in New York City. The Reluctant Healer is based on the dynamic of his own relationship with his wife, Michelle, who is an energy healer.


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