Things I Have Been Loving Lately 5.0

By Samantha

This summer has been hectically amazing − filled with hiking, boating, margaritas, and outstanding books. Whether beachcombing or pulling weeds, getting outside has been a priority. Summers are too darn short here in New England!

What I mean to say is, I have been having too much fun in the sun to update you all on the wonderful Things I Have Been Loving Lately.


Le Pen

LePen edit

This is list making at a whole new level.

Honestly, I feel like I have been holding out on you guys by not telling you about these pens sooner. Writing with them is fluid and pleasing, and the variety of colors is just a bonus. I guard these pens with my life at work.



Bee Pollen


Without bees, fruits, vegetables, and flowers simply would cease to exist. They are incredible insects. Not only are they a crucial component to crop pollination, but they also make about $150 million in honey each year in the United States alone. 

Worker bees collect pollen and bring it back to their hives to make honey. Did you know that a bee works tirelessly for their entire lifetime (about 6 weeks) to produce less than a gram of honey?

Something that you may not know is that the pollen that bees use to make honey is incredibly nutritious, too! You can buy bee pollen in most health food stores or online. It comes in small pellets – it is relatively tasteless with subtle hints of fruity and floral flavors. 

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Novel Journals

Novel Journals

A couple of weeks ago Mia and I were out shopping (what a surprise). After meandering around for a bit she rushed over to me, ecstatic to show me this product. At first glance, it looked like a regular ruled journal. Then she showed me the bonus feature: the lines to write on are actually the words of classic literature in tiny print! How’s that for inspiration?

Novel Journals 2

Each hardcover journal is themed with a particular book and the lines include the entire, unabridged texts of the book from its first publication. Basically, it is a journal and a book in one!

Novel Journals come in two sizes and feature a book from the Canterbury Classics or Bible verses. Listed below are just a few of the numerous editions available!

Adventures of Sherlock Holmes
Aesop’s Fables
Anne of Green Gables
Great Expectations
Jane Eyre
Little Women
Pride & Prejudice




krystallos: from the Ancient Greek, meaning ‘crystallised light’

“Crystals generally refer to minerals with a visible crystallised form. This means that they show a faceted, symmetrical or asymmetrical, three-dimensional, geometric form” (Crystals).

Crystals, minerals, and gemstones are one of Mother Nature’s gorgeous creations found all over the world. Not only do they make stunning home decor, they radiate balancing, grounding, and healing vibrations.

I am newly crystal-curious – admittedly after watching Gisele Bündchen’s Vogue interview where she mentions that she collects crystals. I figure, she is worth over $300 million and is married to Tom Brady. She has to be on to something.

I mean, I was not going to go out and spend money on rocks just because a supermodel told me to… So, I did some of my own research on crystals, gemstones, and their properties – my interest peaked. I bought a book (pictured above) to help guide me in this exploration of natural healing.

“Our beautiful planet contains over 5000 identified minerals, with hundreds of new varieties being discovered each year” (Crystals).

My little collection (so far) + amazonite bracelet.

With that said, I have so much to discover about crystals ahead of me. Thus far, I have particularly connected with:

Quartz; &


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      Oh really?! It is not very expensive here. I put it in yogurt with granola, smoothies, acai bowls, or just sprinkled on fruit. It offers SO MANY incredible health benefits.
      Thanks for reading!

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