Things I’ve Been Loving Lately


BUBBA Water Bottles


I was meandering around Target, as I usually am at some point during the week, and came across the water bottle section.

The voice inside my head was saying “you absolutely DO NOT need another water bottle. Retrieve your hand and KEEP MOVING!” But there was one I had never seen! It could hold so much water! The straws are like no straws I’ve seen before! They’re squishy! Behold, the incredible BUBBA:

I have no self control- I bought two and another one for my mom as well as two extra packs of straws. I have no regrets. I bought three different sizes: 48 oz, a 36 oz and a 24 oz one for my mom.

The perks of owning an over-sized water bottle, specifically a Bubba:

  • It keeps your water cold longer
  • BPA free
  • Large, easy to hold handle
  • Squishy straws
  • With the large opening, they’re super easy to clean
  • Fun colors
  • Saving plastic
  • Hydration! You’ll drink more water when you have a fun bottle
  • Less stopping for gas station drinks when you have your gigantic Bubba on hand!

They’re currently sold out on their website (shocker), but you can easily find them at Walmart, Target or on Amazon.


Click n Grow


I got a Click n Grow as a gift and was immediately intrigued. It’s a compact hydroponics growing set and you can choose what you grow! It’s indoor plant growing at it’s finest; you hardly ever have to “water” them.

These sustainable growing sets range from $60-$1300. I have the $60 one at home which can grow up to three plants at a time; it doesn’t take up much room and is a perfect starter kit.

click n grow 2
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First, I grew basil and within a month I had beautiful and delicious herb leaves. I re-potted the basil, although I could have left it in the Click n Grow, and ordered strawberries and lavender Click n Grow pods on Amazon. 

The pods, or plant capsules, are inserted into the Click n Grow. That’s ALL YOU HAVE TO DO (other than put water into the reservoir every once in a while). The pods are about $10 for a pack of three, pretty inexpensive if you ask me! Also, the lights have a timer so they receive the optimal amount of “sunlight”. 

click n grow
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The bottom line: these hydroponics set are clean, easy, inexpensive and bring some incredible aromas and healthy food options into your home! 

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TV Show: New Girl

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new girl

I have heard girls rooting and ranting about this show for months. I had no idea what it was about, but I found myself unsuccessfully trying to find something on Netflix and remembered New Girl.

My boyfriend was sitting with me and I had to twist his arm a bit to get him to watch a girly show. HOWEVER, we quickly realized this show is NOT JUST FOR GIRLS!

We were both in stitches with sore bellies and cheeks from laughing so hard. It’s the new-age FRIENDS, if you haven’t been watching New Girl– START NOW!


My New Job


 For the past two years I have been the Queen of Odd Jobs. Babysitting, house-keeping, dog sitting, waitressing and part-time at a law firm. I was getting pretty run down keeping track of where I was supposed to be and when, nevermind the ridiculously long hours I was pulling. 

I was thrilled when the law firm that I have been working at part-time offered me a full-time position! 

Now I have a regular 9 to 5 with a desk, an office and a normal lunch break! Bonus: it’s right downtown and I love the people I work with. 

The best part, I’m allowed to BRING MY DOG TO WORK!! It’s an actual dream come true. Here she is being all adorable at our new job: 




What have you been loving lately? I’d love to know!


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  1. beachbookworm

    I agree about New Girl! I have watched and re-watched it so many time and finally convinced my husband to watch and he enjoyed it as well. Great post! I’m going to have to look into the Click N Grow.

  2. Robben Bane

    Wish I knew about Click N Grow sooner. Would have been what I asked for as an
    anniversary gift. Will check out New Girl if it is not on a subscription only channel.
    Anything to pull my husband away from his hunting shows. They all end the same,
    “The Poor Deer Gets It “

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