Traveling with Books

Alright peeps we are going to talk about traveling with books. I am going to Vegas on Monday, which is how this idea came into fruition. As a typical bookworm, I had about 10 books that I wanted to bring with me (it’s a 4 day trip). I decided to think realistically… I probably need more space for sunscreen and heels; it is Vegas after all.

When going on vacation, it’s hard to gauge how many books to bring. You don’t want to take up space/weight that could be used for cute shoes or things you buy on the trip… but you also don’t want to run out of books. THE HORROR!

First things first, what kind of vacation is it? A relaxing retreat? An adventurous getaway? A mix? Personally, while I plan to live it up in Vegas, it’s been a while since I’ve had a “pool boy brings you margaritas” type of vacation. I’m going to go to clubs, eat at the renowned restaurants, gamble, but I’m also going to use the time off work to chill out by the pool and go to the spa.

If you’re going on a full-on relaxing vacation, bring all the books your heart desires. But if the purpose of the trip is to spend quality time with people and do some site-seeing, be more thoughtful with your packing.

Something to consider: how long is your drive/flight? I know I will be reading during travel down-time as well as the 6 hour plane ride. I will need a quality read (or 2) for that. Secondly, when I’m laying pool side, I know my family will be chatty and down for pool activities, therefore, I’ll bring ONE easy, beach-read. Typically I’d bring more than one, but I imagine that Vegas will be considerably distracting.

If I happen to fly through the novels that I brought, I always have my e-reader on hand for emergencies. There’s nothing like the feeling of literally turning pages, but I would rather use my e-reader than choose from the limited “best sellers” in the airport (that I’ve probably already read).

PRO TIP: if you’re traveling with other readers, plan ahead to swap books throughout the trip!

SO THERE IT IS: four days, three books. Seems high, but considering my flight will be a bit long, I don’t think I will be wasting any luggage space!

Stay tuned for VEGAS PICS & UPDATES

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  1. Shruti | This is Lit

    Awesome post! I usually take a single book because most of my vacations are with other people and I can only read while on air. If it’s a longer vacation, I grab a lot of books and then feel bad about not having space in my baggage for books bought during the trip. I’m weird.💁🏻😂

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